House Dressing | Policies
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Consignment Policies

Do you have items in great condition that you no longer wear or things cluttering up your home?

Sell them through us and make extra money!

We are an upscale consignment boutique for ladies’ clothing and home furnishings.

Items we accept:

  • Ladies’ clothing
  • Accessories (jewelry, belts, scarves, purses, etc)
  • Shoes
  • Home furnishings, art & accessories
  • Rugs
  • Original Artwork


Interested in consigning?

Contact us to schedule an appointment to bring your items in for evaluation. Alternatively, you may email us photos and descriptions. We accept items on Wednesdays from walk-ins during business hours, or by appointment. Items will be examined at the time of delivery and a decision made on acceptance at that time.

Items we don’t accept:

  • Men’s & children’s clothing
  • Flip flops
  • Leggings
  • Lingerie or other undergarments
  • Swimwear or coverups
  • Socks or hosiery
  • Sleepwear
  • Sweatshirts or hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Cookware
  • Electronics
  • Tennis shoes
  • Wedding/formal gowns

We reserve the right to not accept any items if we do not have the room for the item or if we feel they do not meet our selection criteria, as set forth below:

  • Items must be in great condition and of better quality & on hangers
  • Items from the last few years & vintage items will be accepted
  • No stains, rips, chips
  • No missing buttons or other hardware
  • No pet hair
  • Items with smoke or other offensive odors will not be accepted
  • Please do not bring items in bags or boxes that must be returned to you

House Dressing will set all pricing of items. Prices are firm in the store; no negotiation will take place with customers. New items with tags will receive a premium. Typically, items will be priced at approximately 1/3 of original retail price.

Consignors will receive 50% of the final selling price (before sales tax) of the item. Artists consigning their own original artwork will receive 65% of the final selling price (before sales tax) of their item. Should a consigner wish for us to try to sell larger pieces of furniture through our vast audience of social media channels without first moving it to our store, the consigner will receive 65% of the final selling price (before sales tax), (in this case, the consignor must supply photos and information & all items must be picked up at the consignor’s location upon sale. Consignor would handle showing the item to prospective buyers. Buyer would pay through House Dressing).

We reserve the right to mark items down due to special in-store sales & promotions, or due to the items’ being in the store a longer period of time. We cannot accept items that are not permitted to be marked down.

Items will be sold in our physical store location and from time to time be marketed on Facebook, Instagram, our website and other online outlets.

Upon agreement to consign, a consignment contract must be signed and items must be delivered to House Dressing. Larger pieces requiring assistance to delivery may be picked up for a delivery charge set by our preferred delivery service (or we are happy to provide you with their contact information so you may arrange for delivery). These charges must be paid up front and cannot be deducted from any future payouts.

The consignor agrees that items will remain in House Dressing for a minimum period of 90 days, after which time the consignor may pick up any unsold items or leave them in the store. After that point, House Dressing will decide whether to keep the items to sell, donate the items to Haven of Rest, or otherwise dispose of the items. If items still remain for sale, the consignor will receive their percentage as usual.

Consignors will receive payout for items sold by the 15th of the month following the sale, in the form of the check. Consignors must complete an IRS form W-9 in order to be paid. Payouts less than $20 for any month will be rolled over and paid during the next month the consignor has accumulated $20 in sales. Checks will be mailed to the consignor.

Liability for items brought to House Dressing remains with the consignor, whether for occurrences such as shoplifting or damage due to unforeseen circumstances.

Consignors will be assigned a number which will be used on all tags related to their items. House Dressing will never reveal the identity of the consignor to customers or other consignors.

Consignors may not change the price of their items after it has been placed on the floor for sale.

Consignment policies are subject to change without notice.